Good writing is like a windowpaneGeorge Orwell

Combine the ease and immediacy of the web and email with a wish to write for the burgeoning green business sector and you have a new and exciting form of business writing; the green copywriter.

Mindful of budgetary constraints in the real world of the green business community, the green copywriter offers quality communications to mostly small to medium-sized, sustainably focused business owners at an affordable price.

As a writer with experience working for organic producers and firms, I understand how important it is to communicate your organic/sustainable message to customers as a core part of your business marketing.

Rich Bowden — Green Writing ServicesBetter communication of your green message will help lead to more visibility among customers looking for that sustainable alternative, increasing the chances of better sales.

From drawing up press releases and ad copy, to editing and rewriting your web pages, to following up editors and journalists for a media campaign, I would like the opportunity to help you sharpen your organisation’s green message.

My writing service covers the following areas:

  • press releases
  • newsletters (both for internal and external audiences)
  • web copy
  • ad copy
  • news articles
  • brochures
  • sales letters

Please don’t hesitate to contact me here should you have any queries.

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