About Rich Bowden

I am a Sydney, Australia-based business writer and editor with nearly a decade’s worth of writing experience on such topics as Australasian politics, the environment, science, health, water supply, human rights and general world news.

I also have experience in business writing, producing a number of press releases for search engine Megaglobe Inc during its preparations for the launch of the product. (See examples 1, 2 and 3).

However more recently I have specialised in business writing for companies and organisations in the rapidly-growing green business sector, writing press releases for the Brisbane-based organic food company Cityfood Growers, the natural hair and beauty supplies firm Organic Hair Care and the electric vehicle distributor ERider.

I also offer a placement and follow up service for media campaigns for my clients and assist them in targeting media.

Writing Background:

During my writing career I have written for magazines as varied as the Asia Times, New Zealand-based environmental magazine Pacific Ecologist, Worldpress and the now-defunct US-based New Standard; as well as Australian journals New Matilda, Green Left Weekly and Online Opinion.

I currently work as a contributing writer to the water sector news journal OOSKAnews, covering global water supply, sanitation, wastewater and desalination news and have recently taken up the position of Associate Editor for the Korean-based English language The Jeju Weekly.

EcoSeed, the global green news portal, also publish my extended commentaries on water, clean energy and other environment-related topics.

I have also contributed science articles for The Tech Herald and covered Australasian news for its sister publication Monsters and Critics. I specialise in news-style and news feature articles and also have taken on editing work, acting as a volunteer editor for the Korean-based citizen journalist site Ohmy News.

A keen supporter of independent and progressive journalism, I recently founded my own Australasian/Pacific news site, theangle.org, realising a long-standing interest in developing the way news is written, presented, packaged and disseminated to readers. I act as editor-in-chief in the venture, supervising quality control and negotiating with writers, as well as contributing my own news and feature articles.

See here for further details including links to individual articles or contact me here should you be interested in using my writing services.

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